What Cell count defines malaria?

QUESTIONWhat Cell count defines malaria??ANSWERIf you are referring to the cell count for diagnosis, then really the answer is that if ANY malaria parasites are observed in a blood film, then the slide should be considered positive for malaria. Of course, some people can have low levels of parasite in their blood, which are not easily detected under a microscope, using a blood slide. … [Read more...]

Multiple Malaria Infections Each Year

QUESTIONMy name is Olumide and I live in Nigeria. I have had malaria too frequently and it's giving me a lot of concern. I had one last August 2012 and am having another one this October as I am speaking with you. If I should count it, I'll be having nothing less than 6 occurrences in a year. It's always an headache induced malaria whereby after using the ACT combination recommended by WHO, … [Read more...]

Repeated Malaria

QUESTIONSince January 2011 I got three times malaria. Is it come regularly? Last week also I got maleria and I took medicine but still I have mild headache and sweating feeling tiredenes in between..ANSWERThe timing of the repeated malaria episodes you have experienced means that it could be recrudescence (where treatment does not completely kill all the malaria parasites in your … [Read more...]

Late Malaria Confirmation

QUESTIONI was given a field diagnosis of malaria 1 1/2years ago and was treated. Can I still get a blood test to confirm if I truly had malaria?ANSWERThat's a very interesting question, and the answer is: it depends. Since you were treated, you will no longer have the parasites in your blood stream, and so you cannot use a traditional blood film, looked at under a microscrope, which is … [Read more...]

Malaria Detection

QUESTIONwhat's the newest form of malaria detection?ANSWERWhile the traditional form of malaria detection has been through microscopy of a blood film slide, two new technologies have recently emerged. The first is the use of reagent strips, which are impregnated with molecules that bind to various other proteins present in the blood during a malaria infection. These reagent strips are … [Read more...]

Diagnosing Malaria

QUESTIONWhere in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) can I diagnose malaria? Is it possible within 24 hours?ANSWERGiven that malaria is endemic in Malaysia (though not usually found in Kuala Lumpar) you should be able to get a malaria test at most clinics or hospitals. The most common test is a thick and thin blood film, read under the microscope by a qualified technician—in some places, clinics … [Read more...]

Malaria Test for Infant

QUESTIONWhat can I do if my infant (6-12 months) gets malaria and how can I tell if they have it?ANSWERYour infant can easily be diagnosed by a blood test, so visit a clinic, doctor or hospital immediately. The diagnosis will either be done by looking at a thick and thin blood film under a microscope, or by a rapid diagnostic test.It is important that a blood test is done in … [Read more...]

Will Malaria Test Work with No Symptoms Present?

QUESTIONI believe my fiance who lives in Kenya has malaria but refuses to go for a test. She has headaches and now flu like symptoms. I am returning in late December, if the symptoms have gone can I still take her for a blood test to see if malaria is still present even if the symptoms subside?ANSWERMost malaria diagnosis in Kenya is done by looking at a small sample of the patient's … [Read more...]

How to Take BFMP Specimen for Malaria

QUESTIONHow to take a bfmp specimen?ANSWERBFMP, when relating to malaria, refer to blood films for malaria parasites. Usually, fingerprick or venous blood is collected from the patient and used to create both a thin and a thick blood film. If using venous blood, the sample should be mixed with an anticoagulant in a vacuum tube. For both thin and thick films, a drop of blood is first … [Read more...]

Post Malaria Symptoms

QUESTIONMy girlfriend had malaria in Uganda. It was detected 2nd of October, it was mild form, she felt dizzy, temperature was little higher. She got Artefan, forth day she was in hospital for review, they told her from blood test that its not malaria anymore.We came home (Slovakia) but week ago she had suddenly the same symptoms like she had had the first time—dizziness, pain in … [Read more...]