The Private Sector and Access to Malaria Diagnostics and Treatment in Uganda

Malaria, a disease that has caused so much loss of human life, has also greatly exemplified goodwill for collaboration in Uganda. The Ugandan government with support from donor communities, research and academia has worked to increase coverage of life-saving interventions to impact upon the burden of malaria; there is improved malaria case management, and more pregnant mothers have access to long … [Read more...]

My Experience with Malaria: A Personal Account

KAMPALA, UGANDA -- School in Mbarara about 19 years ago, I had several malaria attacks. At the time, the foul smelling Chloroquine was the basic treatment, and many students dreaded taking it. Chloroquine, unlike other conventional drugs, had no sugar coating, and if you tried to swallow and it failed to go down, the impact would be terribly discomforting.One day I religiously took my full … [Read more...]

Correlates of Inappropriate Prescribing of Antibiotics to Patients with Malaria in Uganda

In many rural areas of Uganda, febrile patients presenting to health facilities are prescribed both antimalarials and antibiotics, contributing to the overuse of antibiotics. We identified the prevalence and correlates of inappropriate antibiotic management of patients with confirmed malaria.MethodsWe utilized individual outpatient data from 36 health centers from January to September … [Read more...]

Malaria or Kidney Infection?

QUESTIONTwo months ago my daughter was in Uganda working and when came back to the States she was hospitalized for 4 days with Malaria symptoms. Her tests came back negative they really didn't act like they knew how to treat this. They kept telling her they didn't know how to diagnosis Malaria. So they treated her for it. She now after 2 months is once again hospitalized with the same … [Read more...]

What does the goverment do to help malaria?

QUESTIONDoes the goverment help malaria?ANSWERMany governments around the world assist in controlling malaria. Some countries, like Australia and the United States, used to have malaria transmission occur within their own borders, but through dedicated control programs, have managed to eradicate the disease locally. In these cases, the government coordinated huge programs of draining … [Read more...]

Malaria Deaths by Country

QUESTIONWhere are the most deaths of malaria?ANSWEROver 90% of the deaths from malaria occur in sub-Saharan Africa, and in children under the age of five. According to the World Health Organisation's 2011 World Malaria Report, the countries with the five highest numbers of reported malaria deaths for 2010 are (and number of reported deaths): Kenya (26,017 deaths), Democratic Republic … [Read more...]

HIV Antiretrovirals May Help Fight Malaria

Bed nets and insecticides form the cornerstone of malaria prevention, with antimalarial drugs being used mainly to treat people who become ill with the disease. The drugs do have some protective effect, but it quickly wanes. Now a study in Uganda suggests that an antiretroviral drug given to HIV-infected children can boost the preventive power of a key malaria drug. … [Read more...]

Where There is No Medicine, Let Alone a Doctor

Remote or poorly accessible communities create special challenges for delivery of health care.There were goats in my classroom this morning. Quite adorable kids, but unfortunately not the right species for my health survey. The school is located in Bunda District, sandwiched between Lake Victoria and the long western arm of Serengeti National Park, which stops only a few kilometers from the … [Read more...]

Post Malaria Symptoms

QUESTIONMy girlfriend had malaria in Uganda. It was detected 2nd of October, it was mild form, she felt dizzy, temperature was little higher. She got Artefan, forth day she was in hospital for review, they told her from blood test that its not malaria anymore.We came home (Slovakia) but week ago she had suddenly the same symptoms like she had had the first time—dizziness, pain in … [Read more...]

Illness from Uganda trip

QUESTION:I just came back from a visit to Uganda Africa. I was unable to take Malarone as I had bad side effects. Vomiting. I was only exposed once when we walked into a swampy rain forest. This of-course was the only day I did not have repellent. We were taking the kids on a nature walk and the German volunteer got a little lost. I ran as fast as could out of the area. Started to feel tired … [Read more...]