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Each year, there are more than 225 million cases of malaria, and about 781,000 people die from the disease. The goal of Malaria.com is to provide a resource for people seeking Malaria information, but more than that—to provide a forum for volunteers and professionals from organizations across the globe to share their knowledge, organize, and connect with each other to fight malaria worldwide.

What is Malaria?

Malaria Symptoms and Causes

Malaria is caused by a parasite called Plasmodium, which is transmitted via the bites of infected mosquitoes. In the human body, the parasites … [Read More...]

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Malaria Medication Side-effects Survey: Treatment and Prophylaxis

In our ongoing efforts to fight malaria, Malaria.com is conducting a survey about people’s experiences with malaria prevention and treatment. Please help support Malaria.com and take a moment to … [Read More...]

Malaria News

Global Warming May Lead to More Malaria

British and American researchers predict that global warming could mean the spread of the deadly disease malaria to places where it is practically unknown.Writing in the journal Science, the … [Read More...]

Nearly 200 Million Africans at Risk for Malaria

New research shows that after 10 years of intensified campaigns against malaria 184-million people in Africa still live in moderate to high-risk areas. While the number is high, it’s down from … [Read More...]

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University of California, San Francisco

The Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative provides intellectual and practical support to countries around the world that are pursuing a goal of malaria elimination.

The Malaria Elimination Initiative, along with its network of global collaborators, advocates for and supports spatially progressive elimination — working inwards from the current geographic margins of the disease — as a complementary strategy to the significant investment in scaled-up malaria control in highly endemic countries, and research and development of new tools to eventually eradicate the disease. Learn more...

Malaria Research


Non-Profit Offers Free Kits of Potential Malaria Cures for Researchers to Study

A nonprofit called Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) is sending free kits of potential malaria cures for researchers. It's called The Malaria Box, and it is the result of a high-throughput screen done by MMV and cooperating pharmaceutical companies. All you have to do … [Read More...]

Mass drug administration for the control and elimination of Plasmodium vivax malaria: an ecological study from Jiangsu province, China

Recent progress in malaria control has caused renewed interest in mass drug administration (MDA) as a potential elimination strategy but the evidence base is limited. China has extensive experience with MDA, but it is not well documented. Methods An ecological study … [Read More...]

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Malaria Basics

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