Malaria or Kidney Infection?

QUESTIONTwo months ago my daughter was in Uganda working and when came back to the States she was hospitalized for 4 days with Malaria symptoms. Her tests came back negative they really didn't act like they knew how to treat this. They kept telling her they didn't know how to diagnosis Malaria. So they treated her for it. She now after 2 months is once again hospitalized with the same … [Read more...]

Malaria: Should I See a Doctor?

QUESTIONFor the last couple of days I am suffering from all the symptoms that are mentioned on your website and I am taking tylenol for these symptoms thinking that it is flu but I am feeling better now. Should I still see a doctor or keep taking Tylenol?ANSWERSymptoms of malaria often include high fever, aches, chills, nausea, and headache.  When severe, malaria can lead to anemia, … [Read more...]

Malaria Diagnosis

QUESTIONHow to identify malaria? My son has fever and headache for the past three days and also vomiting. Is treatment is necessary and what type of treatment he needs?ANSWERYou need to take your son to the doctor or to a clinic where they can do a blood test to look for malaria. They will either look at his blood under a microscope or use his blood in a "rapid diagnostic test" (RDT), … [Read more...]

Paracetamol to Control Fever

QUESTIONIf I take paracetamol to help control my temperature will it affect my blood test results— can they fail to detect the plasmodium?ANSWERNo—taking paracetamol (also called acetaminophen, and sold variously as Tylenol, Panadol and other brand names) is a good way to control your temperature during malaria infection, and it won't affect your blood test results. If you … [Read more...]

Rash and Malaria

QUESTIONIs random rash-like swelling on parts of your body coupled with back pains and joint aches and cold sweats all malaria symptom? If so, what is the parasite type and the cure?ANSWERRashes are not usually associated with malaria infection; the symptoms you describe are however consistent with several other infections, some of which can be quite serious, such as dengue fever. You … [Read more...]

Untreated Malaria

QUESTIONIf I am infected with malaria and I get a wrong diagnosis and be treated for flu, can the other symptoms disappear but continue to experience severe headache especially on the right side temple and jawbone area combined with general weakness and numbness in the legs?ANSWERCertainly the symptoms of malaria can often be confused with other infections, including flu. Given that … [Read more...]

Malarial Attack Recurring

QUESTIONMy Father aged 65 years was diagnosed with malaria 15 days back and was on medication. Fever was recurring frequently and he had developed a lung infection. Three days back fever stopped and did not occur for 2 days and malarial infection was reducing. Now the Fever has started coming but other parameters are normal. Can you please suggest what needs to be done?ANSWERIf your … [Read more...]

Severe Head Pain with Malaria

QUESTIONCan severe head pain be a symptom of mistreated malaria? My son just returned from an 8 month trip to Ghana. He had malaria 3 times and typhoid 1 time. He is now dealing with a severe head pain in his frontal lobe.He took doxycycline every day and when he got really sick, he took Coartem. He was finally sent home because they couldn't figure out why he has such severe head pains. … [Read more...]

Swelling of Lymph Nodes and Malaria

QUESTIONI would like to know if swelling of lymph nodes in neck is any way connect to malaria?ANSWERSwollen lymph nodes are often a sign that the body is trying to fight off an infection, and so swollen lymph nodes are certainly sometimes observed in malaria patients. However, most malaria infections would also be associated with other symptoms, such as fever, chills, nausea and aches. … [Read more...]