Malaria in Limpopo, South Africa

QUESTIONIn which year did malaria spread in Limpopo?ANSWERMalaria has likely been in the southern part of Africa for many hundreds, if not thousands, of years. In recent times, control initiatives have been in place in areas of malaria transmission in South Africa since 1945, reducing the incidence of malaria in many places. Other than that, this paper, freely accessible via the … [Read more...]

In What Countries is Malaria Found?

QUESTIONWhat countries can malaria be found in?ANSWERMalaria is found on every continent of the world except Antartica—however, regular transmission every year mainly only occurs in Central and South America, Africa, parts of the Middle East, Asia and parts of Oceania/the Pacific Islands.The world's highest areas of malaria prevalence and transmission occur in sub-Saharan … [Read more...]

Malaria Prevention and Hormones

QUESTIONIs there any chance of opposing the malarial infection by hormones? If yes,then how is that done?ANSWERMalaria incidence is roughly equal between males and females, so it is not believed that sex hormones have any influence of infection rates. However, the progress of infection with respect to hormones has not been extensively studied. It is unlikely that hormonal supplements … [Read more...]