Can the PCR blood test identify hypnozoites?

QUESTIONI have never been diagnosed with malaria but returned from Turkey in 2007 (P. Vivax endemic area; Diarbykar & Mardin areas). My symptoms were consistent with malaria and I have now had 5 relapses since then, averaging one occurrence per year. I now have impaired kidney functioning and I am uncertain if this could be because of undiagnosed malaria? Would the PCR blood test at … [Read more...]

In What Countries is Malaria Found?

QUESTIONWhat countries can malaria be found in?ANSWERMalaria is found on every continent of the world except Antartica—however, regular transmission every year mainly only occurs in Central and South America, Africa, parts of the Middle East, Asia and parts of Oceania/the Pacific Islands.The world's highest areas of malaria prevalence and transmission occur in sub-Saharan … [Read more...]