Can malaria be dormant for years?

QUESTIONMy child (age 5 at time) was bitten by something in Mexico that looked like a mosquito bite. About 7 days later we were home in the US and she developed high fever, headache, chills,sweating at night, extreme fatigue,abdominal pain, and swollen lymph nodes in neck. She had a fever for 40 days! I took her to the pediatrician almost every other day and had immediately informed them of … [Read more...]

Is malaria possible years after bite?

QUESTIONMy child had a fever for 40 days after returning from a cruise 3 years ago. I begged the pediatrician to test for malaria because she got bit by something in Mexico but they laughed at me. She has had swollen lymph nodes on both sides of her neck for 3 years and all the docs tell me you can have swollen lymph nodes forever but now she has them in her groin and under arm on left side. … [Read more...]

Is there malaria in North America?

QUESTION:Are there malaria-infected mosquitoes in North America?ANSWER:North America is usually defined as including Canada, the United States and Mexico. Of these, Mexico has known regions of regular malaria transmission; specifically the regions bordering Guatemala and Belize in the south (Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Tabasco), rural areas in the tropical lowlands slightly further north … [Read more...]