Malaria Statistics 2008-2012


What are the malaria statistics for 2008-2012?


Without more information, I am assuming you would like statistics on malaria cases and deaths for 2008-2012. The best data on malaria comes from the World Health Organization, which retrospectively publishes its best estimated for malaria in its annual World Malaria Reports. Each report publishes the figures from the previous year, and the 2012 report has not yet been published, so at this point the WHO can only provide data for 2008-2010. It is also worth mentioning that as more information is collected, past estimates can sometimes be revised, but here I will present the figures from each annual report itself, rather than longer retrospective estimates.

In 2008, the number of cases was estimated at 243 million, with 863,000 deaths. In 2009, the report did not explicitly summarize the number of cases, but reported that deaths were down to approximately 781,000. In 2010, the number of cases and deaths both dropped yet further, to an estimated 216 million cases and 655,000 deaths. Despite these gains, the aim is to work towards a world with no malaria deaths at all by the year 2015, so much control work remains to be done.