Malaria Statistics


What are the statistics of malaria?


If you mean the number of cases worldwide and the number of deaths, then the statistics are as follows: the World Health Organization estimates that approximately half the world’s population are at risk from malaria infection, and as a result, there are somewhere between 300 and 500 million cases of malaria every year, worldwide.

However, this may be an underestimate, since many people don’t seek help when they have malarial symptoms. The same is true of number of deaths per year from malaria – it is currently estimated that between 700,000 and 800,000 people die every year from the disease, but as with the number of cases, there may be unreported deaths as well. Organisations such as Malaria No More seek to eliminate deaths from malaria by the year 2015.

If you have more specific questions regarding the statistics of malaria, please feel free to ask!