Epidemiology of Malaria


Epidemology of malaria


I’m afraid that without a bit more detail in the question, it is difficult to answer – there are many facets to the epidemiology of malaria, from the distribution of the disease globally to its prevalence in different age and risk groups among human populations. Human migration and movement can also play a large role in the epidemiology of malaria, as can mosquito vector behaviour and population dynamics.

Malaria is also known to vary widely based on climatic conditions, and there are concerns that climate change will affect what we know about the epidemiology of malaria, making it harder to control. There are also cases of cross-over between human forms of malaria and those from other primates, such as with Plasmodium knowlesi in macaques in south-east Asia. If you re-submit a more specific question, I’ll be happy to answer it more fully!